As you can tell, there’s a new layout! I’m super in love with it. Kaye from WAHMaholic Designs is amazing. This is the second time I’ve used her and I’m just absolutely thrilled.

In offline news, I got a 3.0 this semester which I’m thrilled about. My GPA is slowly on the rise and I’m super excited about that. I’m thinking about dropping one of my classes for the spring semester and focus on something else. It would be nice and it’ll give me a nice background for trying to get into PTA school, but I’m wondering if it’s the best choice considering that the classes won’t transfer. Maybe I should look into trying to finish other credits. I think I’m going to talk to my adviser about it.

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So I still have a blog…

Believe it or not. However, this semester has been crazy so I put blogging on here on hold. I did blog/update my tumblr a lot though because it’s all sorts of pretty picture! :) Here’s to blogging more once the semester ends next week.

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And I’m back!

So, things have been a bit crazy. School is going well for once :) I’m super proud of that. I’ve also been working more on my photography website and working get everything set up with that. I’ve gotten the website up and running along with my Facebook for it. I’m still working on all the pictures I want to put up. I’m also excited to what kind of photos I’ve taken for my photography class. Film photography is awesome. :)

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Updates to come.

So I’ve been MIA again and there will be updates to follow soon. Right now I’m blogging from between classes and before doing homework. Look for updates this weekend :)

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